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Mike Rowe Learns "How America Works" with Aluminum!

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame hosted a deep dive look at aluminum production and recycling for an episode of his Fox Business Channel series How America Works. He found that U.S. aluminum is in a class of its own.

Rockwell Metal Staff & The Aluminum Association

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“Of all the metals that reinforce our nation, aluminum comes in a class all its own. It doesn’t rust. It’s lightweight. And in spite of that, it’s incredibly strong.”

- Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe’s How America Works crew visited Logan Aluminum – one of America’s largest aluminum production facilities based in Russellville, KY. Logan ships 6 million pounds of aluminum product everyday (up from 5 million pounds/day just a few years ago) to serve markets including aluminum beverage cans. (Americans go through 200 million of those everyday!)

Which explains why the metal is in such high demand. In fact, the United States uses more than 10,000 metric tons of it every day – more than enough to make four Boeing 747s every hour of the day.

Aluminum, Rowe concludes, just might be the "most important metal in the world."

Video Courtesy Fox Business News

Behind the Production

Across the United States, dozens of recycling plants like Logan transform scrap aluminum (from old buildings, cars, trucks, used beverage cans and more) into brand-new metal. Reusing scrap aluminum is cost-effective and better for the environment. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, with nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

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